Services Overview

We produce inhouse with our milling and turning machines and we have competitive price for the market. We can produce both complex prototypes and low-volume production runs of precision machined parts, in a broad range of metals and plastics and with many surfaces finishes too. Our production is implemented in the below sectors

1- Marine: Stainless steel construction is used to build furniture, kitchen parts, public areas elements, etc.

We also provide interior refit services for the marine industry.(renewing public areas, cabins, etc.)

Equipments on board
Main Galley devices/types of equipment (working on vessel electric frequency) 
Spare parts
You can request over email or the Shipserv trading system.

2- Automotive and Construction: We have enough capacity for high-volume needed parts. For qualification, we provide the following reports as standard

Critical dimensions
Quantity of parts
Removal of sharp edges and burrs
Number of parts inspected
Surface finish
Threads and tolerances

In case, our customer request additional reports we can provide them alternatively

CNC Production
Our machine park is capable to manufacture several types of products

Project Management
We make inspections on-site and quote then we execute your project e.g. renovation public areas,cabins, dry-dock deliver IMO certificated items and Installation on board

We provide consulting below areas -your running projects -purchasing support -production


Meerleben Bar

  • Pre manufacturing and delivery of interior furnishing for Meerleben bar  refit on Mein Schiff 3 (including metal underneath structure)

C-Class door for entrance to X-Lounge

  • Delivery and installation of one C-Class door element for entrance to X-Lounge in Sky Suite Corridor of MS4 ( Aluminum structure)


  • Table legs for restaurant in AIDA Mira ( Stainless steel structure + ecoated +painted)
  • Sound insulation of cabins in  M/V Discovery
  • Deliver the galley equipments of Marella Explorer 2

Starwind is your solution partner in your projects.

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